Hello and welcome! I’m an honours graduate of Humber College’s 3D Animation, Art, and Design course. I’ve worked as a Technical Director producing a new children’s show at Keyframe Digital. I’ve also worked on other shows including Lost Girl and Warehouse 13. In recent months I’ve had the pleasure of working in FAST Motion Studios motion capture studio.

Current Projects

  • Coding
  • Rigging
  • Pipeline Tools
In order to expedite the overall time it takes to rig a single character, I am developing Maxscript as I see fit. These portions of code can range anywhere from automatically setting up an FK arm to creating and linking multiple list controls.
In the production I am working on, my main task is to rig the bodies of all of the characters. As it stands, I am currently learning the specialized facial rigging system my supervisor has created so that I can effectively utilize it in future works.
To maintain the quality and speed of production, I’ve taken the time to develop and organize toolsets for use throughout the team. This way, everyone is working in a manageable and unified method.

Current Releases

Autodesk recently had a sit down with Darren Cranford of Keyframe Digital to talk about how to effectively meet deadlines using 3ds Max. Several of my rigs are on display during the video.

Demo Reel

Compilation of some of my best work.

See It Here

Object Renaming Tool v2.4

Expedites and simplifies rigging process with a variety of tools I’ve developed and collected. Latest release now includes renumbering and recolouring tools.

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Imaginext Ed Venture Series

Ed Venture is a spunky 7 year old. With the help of his friends Dern, Gemma and Kirch, the kids get thrown many amazing adventures. The Crystal Eye brings anything Ed imagines to life! Only learning their lesson, or righting a wrong, will return them to their world.

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Specializations & Programs

▪ Autodesk 3ds Max
▪ Maxscript & .NET
▪ Rigging
▪ Autodesk MotionBuilder
▪ Adobe Photoshop

Proficiencies & Programs

▪ Autodesk Mudbox
▪ Autodesk Maya
▪ MEL & Python Languages
▪ Adobe After Effects

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