Cassandra McWade- Technical Director

Hello and welcome! I’m a TD and Rigger living and working in Toronto while developing Paw Patrol at Guru Studio! The last games I shipped with Ubisoft were Far Cry Primal, For Honor, and the upcoming Starlink: Battle for Atlas! In the past I’ve worked at Keyframe Digital, FAST Motion Mocap Studio, and have done a few freelance jobs at various studios.


Demo Reel

A demo showcasing some of my published work done for film, TV, and games.


Imaginext® Adventures Ed Venture

Client: Fisher-Price® Ed Venture is a spunky 7 year old. With the help of his friends Dern, Gemma and Kirch, the kids get thrown many amazing adventures.


Far Cry Primal

When I got to Ubisoft the first project I was a part of was Far Cry Primal. A crazy take on one of our most popular brands, we had the crazy idea of building a Far Cry without any guns. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of a wonderful team of people, not only … Continue reading Far Cry Primal


For Honor

Another game I worked on while at Ubisoft was For Honor. I was responsible for creating full character rigs, various other rigging responsibilities, handling cloth simulation, and integrating everything into the engine. The game is due to come out February 14, 2017 and beyond that, I’ll let the trailer do the talking.  


Automatic Rigging Toolset v2.4

A small toolset that is still in development. Culminates a variety of useful scripts to expedite and simplify the processes of rigging and cleanup.


500 Shots in 2 Weeks with 3ds Max

A little while ago Autodesk had a sit down with Darren Cranford of Keyframe Digital to talk about how to effectively meet deadlines using 3ds Max. Several of my rigs are on display during the video.


Alligator Stu

The object of this project was to create a production booklet of our own rendition of the “Hansel and Gretel” story. I chose a Jardine parrot (Fritz) and a Patagonian conure (Merlin) as Hansel and Grethel, respectively.