Clarence & Nagi Rig

As a result of deadlines and the amount of projects I am currently involved in, this rig has been put on a hiatus until further notice.

Completed Steps:

  • Anatomy Study
  • Begin design of body
  • Design heads, focus on differentiating between each
  • Model bases in 3ds Max
  • Sculpt model in Mudbox
  • Focus on modeling texture for skin, fur
  • Create normal maps and blend together in Photoshop
  • Develop diffuse map, spec, bump, opacity as appropriate
  • Culminate textures onto model in 3ds Max
  • Rig characters
  • Animate Clarence and Nagi
  • 3D print of character

From here I will enter into the rigging portion of the project. The majority of the body will be run by a spline IK chain. I will create unique controllers and dynamics to handle the fur and quills. From there I will develop  two facial rigs with the help of bones and morph targets. Users will be able to choose between a simpler UI or a more in-depth one allowing for the creation of human phonemes.