For Honor

One of my favorite projects while at Ubisoft was For Honor. I worked for the Montreal team from Toronto to do about 5 months of work in just under 3. Not only that, I received special training at the Montreal office regarding our proprietary MotionCloth software so that I could show the team in Toronto best practices, as well as to be on hand to troubleshoot any issues that would come up.

While on For Honor, I was responsible for creating full character rigs, addition of dynamic movement, handling cloth simulation, and integrating everything into the engine. While that may sound like one small task, the way our pipeline operated meant that you never saw the complete picture of the rig until it was in engine. Then, you would need to pinpoint anything behaving oddly, and go see if the problem was caused by 3ds Max, Motioncloth, MotionBuilder, or the engine itself. The work was meticulous and extremely detail-oriented… my kind of challenge!!

In addition to getting my hands on almost every single character in the game, I ended up doing the majority of rigging work on the Lawbringer and his various sets of armour.