Warehouse 13

Client: Syfy

Warehouse 13 is a science fiction series that has been airing on the Syfy network since 2009. The series follows two US Secret Service Agents as they watch over Warehouse 13, a storage facility for supernatural artifacts and America’s attic.

During my time with the team, I have primarily worked on developing pipeline tools and improving the geometry of the warehouse itself. For this production, I was able to work with Max’s built-in biped rig and applying motion capture data to said rig. The biped characters came together quickly with a little bit of help from Autodesk MotionBuilder.

Pipeline Tools

The Warehouse itself is absolutely massive–which is completely reasonable when you consider how much of America’s history it holds.
I learned quickly how to effectively manage large files and enormous libraries of assets and textures. Once render time came, it was another quick lesson in cutting down the length it took to render one scene, while maximizing results. When dealing with the Warehouse, precision has always been the key to ensuring everything works the way it should, and that time is not lost on correcting simple mistakes or inconsistencies.

Download CAS_archMat_RenderSetup.zip
Download CAS_shellMat_callBack.zip
Download CAS_copyFileTextures.zip

Please note that many of these scripts were developed for use in a specific environment and will therefore be unlikely to work “out of the box.” However, for those looking to achieve similar results, they are a good reference with a solid code structure.