Object Renaming Tool v2.3

The newest version of this tool has been completed. Updates and changes include:

▪Button to remove all numbers from the name
▪Changed order of naming conventions
▪More studio-friendly building of a 4-part name
▪Fixed the issues with saving preset names

The Interface: All the tabs can be rolled up to save screen space and help organize workflow.
Selections: All objects within the scene that are selected will be shown here. Any changes made will be previewed in this box.
Changes: Users can choose between a variety of presets to rename their selections. A dialogue is available to input custom attributes.
Select by Object Class: User can select objects within the scene based on the node’s type.
Replace Parts of Name: User can indicate specific parts of a name to be removed or changed.
Remove All Numbers: User can remove all the numbers within the names of selected objects.
Preview included on my
Demo Reel
Created using MaxScript for 3dsMax 2013 and above.
To install, simply download from below and unzip. In Max select “Run Script” and choose the file.

Download CAS_reName_Utils_2-3.zip